Elven Beauty


Str 5/39% Int 7/19% Wis 15/18% Dex 15/27% Con 9/14% Lks 18/45% Cha 19/09%

HP 14 | NG | 130 years old | 5’8” | 80 lbs.

Languages: Elven 71 Lit., Kalamaran 32, Merchants Tongue 32


Charm Resistant, Less Sleep


Arcane Lore: 31

Listening: 25

Observation: 26

Sneaking: 24

Botany: 54

First Aid: 49

Salesmanship: 40

Seduction: 63

Administration: 15


A stunning Elven beauty with matching character. She is the prize possession of her father who is very protective of her. Due to her father’s restrictive parenting she has few friends despite almost reaching adulthood. She has however been well schooled by him thanks to his small wealth from his business. Were she born into a prominent family her beauty would have been used to seduce rivals into alliances through marriage or other such political schemes; her father aware of this hides her from the eyes of their woodlands for her own safety. That is at least his explanation for their move to Vew.


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