Teep Ayne

General Store owner in Vew


Str 4/53% Int 11/39% Wis 11/62% Dex 12/11% Con 3/70% Lks 8/45% Cha 11/29%

HP 8


Appraisal: Furs & Pelts 40, Gems & Jewelry 40, Sundries 37

Resist Persuasion: 31


A foul-mouthed elf who’s eccentric ways have lead him to practice his trade at the rural human town Vew. His background is little known by the local populace since he mostly keeps to himself. He is very protective of his daughter and most of the townsfolk have only ever heard of her, but those who have caught glimpses of her speak of her beauty and nothing else.

Teep Ayne

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